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Eco-friendly detergent to remove residues and streaks of Fugalite® Eco, ideal for use GreenBuilding. Water-based concentrate, safeguards the health of both operators and the environment.

Fuga-Soap Eco is an effective and specific detergent for use in cleaning after laying as it can be used in the routine maintenance of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone.

Product Strengths

• Flooring and walls
• Can be diluted in water in any ratio
• Suitable for use with compact and porous materials
• Suitable for delicate marbles
• Ideal for internal environments

areas of use

To eliminate residues and streaks of Fugalite® Eco from ceramic surfaces.
- ceramic and homogeneous tiles
- glass mosaic, marble and natural stone
Do not use
On surfaces that are not resistant to basic agents

Appearance: yellowish liquid

Water dilution ratios: All ratios

Waiting time before cleaning with water ≈ 10 – 30 min.

Temperature range for application: from +5 °C to +35 °C

Coverage ≈ 10 – 20 m2/1 L


Pack: bottles 1 L-50 GEL



Price: 50
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